Why Wine Without Waffle?

We think our job is to help you find wines you like to drink rather than wines we think you ought to! So, we try not to dazzle you with lots of technical blurb or waffle on at length before letting you try the wines.

The wines should speak for themselves.

Not everyone likes the same wines and we all respect personal tastes.

Who are Linton Wines?

Linton Wines was founded in 2006 by John who was getting bored with Banking! There is no coincidence with the approach of his 40th birthday or mid-life crisis, or so he says! Over the last 20 years, John has benefited from a lot of guidance and advice from friends in the trade as well as completing a number of exams set by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust. From 2007 onwards, Banking got a bit more exciting and John no longer had the time to devote to the wine business so Lorna stepped in. In addition to her enthusiasm for wine, Lorna brings great customer service which is drawn from her previous experience of working in Swiss Private Banking in London as well as being a fourth generation wholesaler.